Sunday, 12 May 2013


Due to roadworks with traffic lights on the B658 between Shefford and the Broom crossroads we are unable to use the 1U/25 course as planned. Instead we will use the 26 mile course around Old Warden that was used for the 2-Up TT earlier this year. The course is as follows: 

START on west side of unclassified road (Old Warden-Southill) at GR 151428 and proceed northwards to T-junction at Old Warden. 
TURN LEFT to Cardington junctions where LEFT and continue under disused railway bridge and through Ireland where LEFT uphill and LEFT to triangle. 
BEAR LEFT over humpback bridge and continue to junction where LEFT through Southill village to Broom cross roads.
TURN LEFT onto B658 and go North to G&M Growers where LEFT to Old Warden through village
Continue through village, past Southill-Old Warden and Cardington junctions to disused railway bridge where left uphill and left at junction to triangle where left over hump back bridge.  Continue and take first left through Southill village to Broom cross roads where left onto B658.  Repeat circuit once more via Broom cross roads and continue to GM Growers and through Old Warden to Southill-Old Warden junction 
LEFT into starting road to FINISH on east side of road at GR 146432

So Start on the 10 start, do three laps of the outer 10 course loop and finish at the 25 finish after the third time up Shuttleworth Hill and through Old Warden. 

The roadworks are scheduled to be there for the next 6-8 weeks, so it is likely that all 4 of the David Gudgin's will take place on this course. 

As far as the handicapped competitions go, we will be able to work out a 25 time based on the 26 course to compare to the standards etc by calculating the average time per mile and then subtracting that time from the total 26 time.