The club has a series of routes and courses it uses for competitions. Here is a list of some of the common ones. There are additional GPS friendly downloads on the club's route library pages.

The club "25"
1U/25 Dave Gudgin 25 miles, based around Southill, Beds.

The club "10"
1U/10 Briercliffe 10 is a single clock-wise circuit based around the club's 25/ Southill course.

Spring Hilly/ Autumn Hilly (6Z/10)
This is an 18 mile route covering 2 laps of a 9 mile course around Whitwell and St. Paul’s Walden. It’s a good marker for form at the start of the season and also constitutes the first race of the club’s All Rounder Competition. It is also used in the Autumn.
Route map:

2-Up Team TT
This is held over the club’s 25 mile course (see above). Riding as a team of 2, you will be given the time of the second rider in your team to cross the finish line so you need to work together to get a good time. This event also counts towards the club’s All Rounder Competition.
Route map:

Medium Gear (72 inch TT)
Again held over the club’s 25 mile course, the limitation is that your bike cannot have a gear ratio higher than 72 inches. Many thanks to Frank Turner for the technical explanation:
Route map: