Tuesday, 11 June 2013

David Gudgin 26 Round 3 (incorporating the inaugural Clive Collins Challenge) 11/06/2013

As a club we were informed of the sad news of the death of our dearly loved and respected brother in cycling, Clive Collins last Friday (7th June 2013).

Clive had a massively positive influence on all who knew him and he was a mainstay of the Hitchin Nomads CC for many, many years. Our thoughts and love are with Clive's wife Ann and his family at this difficult time.

Nomads Legend - Clive Collins - RIP

In the last few years Clive and some of our bretheren thought it would be interesting to spice up the Gudgin 25 mile series with a timely "bar raid" in the spirit of the Grand Tours of days gone by (albeit with the beer being purchased).

As a mark of respect to Clive and his family - and with the blessing of Clive's son, Mark - a massed rank of Nomads, former Nomads and Nomads-to-be assembled at the Hare and Hounds, Old Warden to raise a glass to Clive and to all Nomads who may be in our thoughts at what is a time of reflection for the club and our families.

Clive was a great sport, a superb mentor and we reckon his spirit is travelling with us by bike looking to push that time trial PB on a nudge (and maybe in search of a pint of Speckled Hen, Adnams or two).

Four riders took on the half-pint challenge on lap two, Ben Wilson, Nigel Wilson, Nick Hickman and the handicapper's favourite for this event, James Gomm.

Formula 1? Forget it, this is racing at its best and purest.

In other news, there was a time trial but that wasn't really the point of tonight's endeavours. It was all about Mr C.

Video courtesy of Georgiana Rapley.

Additional footage: http://youtu.be/EqZsxiXfLhk and http://youtu.be/HI_Ak8esVPc

Ben Wilson - 12 seconds beer stop

James Gomm - 11 seconds beer stop (course record)

Nick Hickman - 22 seconds beer stop

Nigel Wilson - 19 seconds beer stop
The pit crew
Nomads  (26 miles)
J Gomm 1.06.29, N Hickman 1.07.39, B Wilson 1.11.56, S Young 1.14.13, N Wilson 1.18.57, D Summerell 1.19.35, S Smith 1.23.42

N Senechal DNF

Honorary Nomads for the night
J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 1.00.51, T Trimble (CC Ashwell) 1.03.02, NJJ Fraser (Stevenage CC)1.04.00.

Time keeping was performed by James Spence with pushing off duties and general support coming from Geoff Perry, Richard Bland, Paul Riley, Simon and Fergus Doyle, Neil Fraser, Nick Senechal, the Witchell family, Keith and Georgiana Rapley, Mike and John Webb and Steve Robinson. Graham Laming and Jaouade Izzo from Beds Road CC were also in attendance at the start and our appreciation and thanks go out to our friends from Cardington.