Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Briercliffe 10 04/06/2013 - Evening Series Round 8 - Report

Round 8 of the 2013 Briercliffe 10 series saw riders compete in clear and almost sunny conditions but a challenging wind from the northern climes dented many riders' prospects as they plotted their way along the "Growers" section of the course. Gavin Ashfield and Ryan Witchell posted impressive times given the conditions.

Club Captain, Simon Doyle, discovered that he'd left his legs somewhere near Tring followng the weekend's epic travails on the Chiltern Hundred. Nick Hickman was evidently suffering from some form of jet lag following his exploits around the Chilterns at the weekend - resulting in a 30 second penalty for essentially getting the hands on his Mickey Mouse chronograph all mixed up.

Wilson Major missed "evens" by an infuriating four seconds whilst Wilson Minor was forced to abandon his efforts due to the debilitating effects of illness. The Wilson family cat will no doubt be fearing for its life tonight.

Of the guest riders Liz Roots (Beds Road CC) posted a solid inaugural time and managed to stay on course which is an achievement in itself for newcomers. The CC Ashwell boys continued to impress with Jason Lane taking up his weekly battle with Mr Doyle (with success).  

Tom Trimble displayed "bouncebackability"* following a CC Ashwell mass skirmish with the tarmac of their eponymous homeland a few weeks ago to dip under the 24 minute mark.

* Iain Dowie (who is/ was a footballist invented this term and although it is jibberish, it does kind of fit the theme. I'm not paid to write this stuff so you get what you are given. (Ed).

And yes, it is £4 for non-Nomads to ride, which given we have to pay £2 to the CTT for each rider and we have to keep TT Secretary, James Gomm in Pernod and Pina Coladas is a bargain (and still a quid cheaper than some other local clubs' guest fee - ahem. No names no pack drill).

For your reading pleasure, here are the results as scribed by the indomitable James Spence. Assisting James was a cast of thousands three or four - Clive Collins, Richard Bland, Frank Turner.  Nick Senechal was also seen wafting around on some folding contraption offering sage comments to the gathered masses.

R Witchell 24.15, G Ashfield 24.33, S Doyle 24.37, N Hickman 27.48**, R Serradinho 28.16, J Traynor 28.40, N Wilson 30.04, D Rossall 32.29. B Wilson, DNF.

**inc 30s Late Start

Guest Riders
T Trimble (CC Ashwell) 23.57, J Lane (CC Ashwell) 24.27, I Markham (Chronos RT) 26.24, L Roots (BRCC - W) 32.07, 

Next week we will be hosting Round 3 of the Gudgin 25 mile series. So come and have a go and see what it's like to go up Hill Lane three times in relatively quick succession.

Go on, you know you want to.