Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Briercliffe 10 13/08/2013 - Evening Series Round 15 - Report

The final number has been called and the last button has been pushed on the stopwatch as the evening series of time trials comes to the end of another season, but what a season it has been. This year has seen the return of summer with an unprecedented 15/15 Briercliffe 10's run in dry conditions (the David Gudgin series did not fair so well). Over the course of past 19 weeks there have been 24 unique Nomads racing a total of 2,120 miles on Tuesday evenings with many riders setting PB's and course PB's along the way.

The 15th and final evening Briercliffe 10 was contested in blustery but dry and warm(ish) conditions. James Gomm was the fastest Nomads on the night, with Nick Hickman second and Mark Collins third.

Mark Collins set a personal best by turning up to the event 14 minutes before the first rider started, which is an improvement by almost 11 minutes over his previous best this season. This seemed to pay dividends for Mark who went on to set a PB for 10 miles.

Elsewhere Leanne Cutler set a new PB by going sub 30 minutes for the first time, as did Simon Young who posted his fastest time for the distance.

Second claim member Ryan Witchell capped of an impressive year with a highly respectable 23:01 to set the fastest time of the evening.

There was a great turn out from members who came down to watch and cheers the riders on, and the series was capped off nicely with a post ride celebratory drink down the local pub.

Once again thanks goes out to Frank Turner for timekeeping and Geoff Perry for pushing off.

Not ready to hang up the TT bike for another year? Fear not, the next Nomads time trial is only 12 days away as the first event of the four part Autumn Series kicks off on Sunday 25th August at 9:00am on the Briercliffe 10 (open to Nomads and Non-Nomads alike).

J Gomm 24:59, N Hickman 25:23, M Collins 26:45 (PB), D Rickles 28:12, S Young 28:18 (PB), N Wilson 29:35, L Cutler 29:40 (PB), S Smith 30:48, W Richards DNF*
*Off course

R Witchell 23.01 (WW), N Fraser 24:11 (SCC), J Mckenzie 26:58 (CCA), P Bierton 32:31 (BRCC)

PB - Personal Best