Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Briercliffe 10 06/08/2013 - Evening Series Round 14 - Report

On this day in 1971 Apollo 15 returned to Earth after completing a successful Moon landing. It was the first time that the Lunar Roving Vehicle (or Moon Buggy) was used.

In terrestrial Southill, a dozen cosmic explorers took on missions of their own in pursuit of taking small slices or even giant leaps of time from their course records. Rather than Moon Buggies, time trial bikes abounded. The Moon Buggies probably cost less and weren't so well designed...

Gavin Ashfield proved to have oodles of Chuck Yeager like "Right Stuff" as did Nick "Buzz" Hickman. Mark "Lastminute.com" Collins also improved on last week's Kessel Run to post a new course and season's best. Ashfield and Hickman similarly defied gravity to record course bests for stardate 2013. Doyle was suffering from protein overload in the warp drive (swallowed too many midges).

Nick "Buzz" Hickman

Gavin "The Right Stuff" Ashfield

G Ashfield 24.04, S Doyle 24.45, N Hickman 25.18, M Collins 26.57, R Serradhino 27.32, D Summerell 28.58, S Smith 31.34

P Gell 24.43, B Wright BRCC 26.56, P French (Freedom Tri) 27.45, J Roots BRCC, 28.20 L Roots (L) BRCC 30.41,

Houston, we have a problem...

Mission Control was manned by Frank Turner (critical mission systems) and Geoff Perry (launch pad). Richard Bland, Ann Collins and Sue Clifford-Smith acted as observers.

Pics. courtesy of Sue Clifford-Smith.