Tuesday, 2 July 2013

David Gudgin 26 Round 4 - 02/07/2013

The last of the David Gudgin Series had threatened to be a wet one however the rain stopped a couple of hours before the start and the riders were at least treated to a dry ride.

The temperature was cool for the time of year and there was a strong Southerly wind to push the riders up Growers. It was commented at the start line though that the conditions were nice...

...for March.

Simon Doyle was the fastest Nomad on the night with James Gomm second and Nick Hickman third.

Several riders posted their fastest time for the series on the revised 26 mile version of the course. Congratulations go to Steve Smith, Nigel Wilson, Simon Young, Jon Traynor, Nick Hickman  and James Gomm. 

Neil JJ Fraser of Stevenage CC posted the fastest time of the evening which was also his fasted time of the series.

Thanks goes to James Spence, Frank Turner and Geoff Perry for timekeeping and pushing off.

With the nights now drawing in the remainder of the evening TT's will be contested over 10 miles.

Nomads  (26 miles)
S Doyle 1.04.51, J Gomm 1.06.01, N Hickman 1.07.25, J Traynor 1.11.28, S Young 1.11.50, D Rickles 1.11.51, N Wilson 1.14.15, S Smith 1.20.14

Guest Riders
N JJ Fraser (Stevenage CC) 1.03.29, P French (Freedom Tri) 1.13.18*, M Burr (Verulam CC)1.13.56.
* Off course