Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 in numbers

2 Nomads stopped for a beer during the final Dave Gudgin of the season. Take a bow, Clive Collins and Nick Hickman.

2 minutes to spare for Jon Traynor and Nigel Wilson when they completed the 465 mile Raid Pyrenean in 99 hours and 58 minutes.

5:09 The time in minutes and seconds by which Michael Hutchinson beat the second placed rider on the Nomads Open 25.

6 free coaching sessions offered to local kids in November.

14 seconds The fastest Brompton unfold of the season from Nick Hickman.

28 centigrade Why did Summer 2012 occur on the day when 8 Nomads rode the Chiltern 100?

28.1 mph Ben Wilson’s average speed when completing the Yorkshire Velo 10 in 21:22 in August.

47 riders rode the Nomads TT course on Boxing Day.

49 riders competed in the Briercliffe 10 series in 2012. Thanks to all the timekeepers and pusher-offs who made it possible.

59:26 The fastest 25 completed by a Nomad this year. Well done Andy Herbert.

98 finishers in the Nomads sportive.

175.2 miles completed by John Harrison in the ECCA 12 hour race.

989 miles cycled by James Gomm from Lands End to John O’Groats in September.

20,914 page views of this blog so far this year!

January 2013 events

Sunday Club Runs (please note the start times below)
30 December 2012, Emily’s Tea Shop, Whitwell 9:00 am

6 January - Langford Garden Centre 9:30 am -  Langford Garden Centre
13 January - Forest Centre, Marston Moretaine 9:30 am - Forest Centre M.Moretaine
20 January - Emily's Tea Shop, Whitwell 9:30 am - note several riders will be attending the Harp Hilly event as an alternative to the club run (see below) - Whitwell Emily's Tea Shop
27 January - Woburn 9:30am

Circuit Training
Hitchin RFC, Pavillion Room. 1945h every Tuesday.

Mini Club Run/ Family and newcomers ride

20 January - Start at10:00 am. Meet at the junction of Purwell Lane and Kingswood Avenue, Hitchin (access to the Greenway). Bring a bike capable of being ridden on off-road surfaces.

If you fancy a ride out from Hitchin centre or want further information, please call Nick Senechal on 01462 641745.
n.b this may be subject to change so as to coincide with the Cross race at Hitchin Boys School.

Saturday training rides
Please check Facebook for details of Saturday training runs.

Off-Road Rides – Thursdays at 18:45.
See Facebook or contact Nick Hickman on 01462 850868 for details and meeting point.

Time Trials
1 January - Beds Road 11.2 mile ‘lottery’ TT
HQ Beds Road clubhouse, Cardington.
Signing on from 10am for 11am start.
For details of how the lottery works, please go to:

Chiltern Reliability Rides

As a club we are focusing on the Harp Hilly event and there are a number of Nomads already planning to attend this specific ride.

Sunday 20th January - 9.00am Harp Hilly 100km & 55km
Sunday 27th January - 9.00am Team Quest 100km
Sunday 3rd February - 9.00am Hemel Hempstead CC 100km & 50km
Sunday 10th February - 9.00am Edgware RC 100km & 45km
Sunday 17th February - 9.30am Willesden CC 100km & 60km
Sunday 24th February - 9.30am CC Luton 100km & 40miles

For more details, go to:

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day 10 - 2012

Hitchin Nomads brought the 2012 season to an end with their annual Boxing Day 10 mile time trial. The event saw clear and dry skies bless the riders. Despite a stiff south-westerly wind a bumper field of racers from local clubs descended upon the lanes around Old Warden. The event traditionally sees competitive time triallists compete against the "old school" riders who bring out vintage bicycles to race against the clock for the 10 mile distance. The oldest bike was from 1902, the newest still had Santa's tinsel attached.

So as to level the playing field a handicap system based on the age of the cycle, the age of the rider and the date they first sat at a desk in Hogwarts is used (I have no idea how the handicapping system works - ask Frank Turner! Ed).

Hitchin Nomads were well represented on the roads and also in the Old Warden HQ - where a festive spread and good cheer were found in abundance. Of the recent Go Ride coaching students Luke Senechal rode the distance in 39.44 and Daisy Doyle rode in at 63.36. The latter receiving the Alan Porter award for ride of the day.

Ben Wilson proved that wheels aren't everything by riding the event on a unicycle...

Ben Wilson
Simon Doyle, Daisy Doyle

Nick and Jane Hickman
Simon Young
Luke and Nick Senechal
Mark Collins, Ann Collins


 Rider m s Final time Club Bike
15  Tim Davies 24 53   23:53  IRC
29  Jason Stuart 25 42 24:42  CC Ashwell
42  Mark/ Isaac Anstee 27   2 25:25  BRCC
26  Graham Laming 27 54 25:38  BRCC
24  Ryan Witchell 25 54 25:54  Welwyn whs.
37  Ray Miller 36   6 26:42  V-CC 1910 Chase
32  Justin Layne 26 45 26.45  CC Ashwell
12  Mike Kitchen 38 56 27:02  HNCC 1902 Lea Francis
23  Neil Fraser 28 15 27.03  Stevenage CC
41  Mark Holden 29 49 27:33  BRCC
16  Oliver Cocks 27 59 27:59  IRC
33  Richard Pratt 32 18 29:36  I Cycle
36  Alan Crane 30 17 29:41  Chronos RT
34  Nigel Wilson 31 32 29:42  HNCC
8  Mark Collins 31 20 30:08  HNCC
31  Martin Hall 31 56 30:19  BRCC
5  Roy Porter 37 58 30:58  IRC 1962 Ivor Holms
28  Michael Coomber 31   3 31:03  I Cycle
39  Chris Jenkin 36 54 31:54  IRC
18  Gordon Charlton 34 32 32:16  I Cycle
7  John Meadows 37 36 32:36  V-CC 1958 Maclean
22  Mark Young 34 26 32:36  HNCC
19  Simon Young 33   9 32:45  HNCC
30  Jon Traynor 35   3 33:26  HNCC
27  Thomas Weir 33 41 33:41  Independent
13  Tom Durkin 33 48 33:48  Welwyn Whs.
17  Steve Smith 34 49 34:37  HNCC
40  Des Roberts 38 31 34:41  BRCC
25  Charlie Pugh 34 51 34:51  Freedon Tri
9  Charlie Sampford 35 17 35:17  IRC
11  Nick/Jane Hickman 36 12 36:12  HNCC
14  Nick/Luke Senechal 39 44 37:15  HNCC
1  Cliff Tremayne 46 33 37:57  KCC 1956 Higgins trike
4 Jill Meadows 44 24 38:39  V-CC 1982 Raleigh
6 Chris Northwood 43 28 39:39  IRC 1940 Bates flyer
21 Dave Crane 40 26 40:26  BRCC
10 Roger Akers & Emma 43 51 43:03  T.A. 1956 Higgins Trike
38 Nicola Christanson 46   5 45:41  IRC
20 Simon/Daisy Doyle  63 36          63:36  HNCC
2 Ben Wilson 69 48          69:48  HNCC

DNF Maurice Burton

Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012 Awards

The Hitchin Nomads celebrated a year of competition and success with the annual award luncheon. This year's event was held on 16 December 2012 at the Three Horseshoes, Willian.

12 Hour Trophy
John Harrison
Dave Gudgin 25 Series - Scratch   
1 James Gomm
2  Nick Hickman

Charlton Hill Climb   
1    James Gomm
2    Andrew Saunders
3    Simon Doyle
Fastest 25       
1 Andrew Herbert
Hall Trophy 25 - Handicap  
1 Mike Webb
2 Simon Doyle
3 Andrew Herbert
Allan Porter 30 - Handicap
1 Mike Webb
2 Jon Traynor
3 Clive Collins
Dave Gudgin 25 Series - Handicap   
1 James Gomm
2 Nick Hickman

Fastest On Standard - 10 Miles       
Andrew Herbert
Sporting All Rounder   
1 James Gomm
2 Nick Hickman
3 Clive Collins
25 Mile Medium Gear   
1 James Gomm
2 John Traynor
3 Nick Hickman
Briercliffe 10 Series   
1 Andrew Herbert
2 Andrew Saunders
3 Simon Doyle
25 Mile Team Time Trial   
1    Simon Doyle & Andrew Herbert
2    James Gomm & James Spence
3    Clive Collins & Nigel Wilson
Allan Porter 30 - Scratch   
1  Andrew Herbert
2  James Gomm
3  Mike Webb
Autumn Hilly   
1 James Gomm
2 Nick Hickman
3 Mark Collins
Hall Trophy 25 - Scratch   
1 Andrew Herbert
2 Simon Doyle
3 Andrew Saunders  
Sharpenhoe Hill Climb  
1 Andrew Saunders
2 James Gomm
3 Simon Doyle
Spring Hilly   
1 Simon Doyle
2 James Gomm
3 Nick Senechal
Clubman Trophy       
Frank Turner

Geoff Denny Memorial Trophy
Frank Turner

Most Meritorious
Simon Doyle

Thanks to Keith Rapley, Frank Turner and Nigel Wilson for organising the event and for work behind the scenes in terms of working out who won what.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2012 Annual General Meeting

As the Nomads begin to draw a close on their 81st year, the annual general meeting brought the opportunity for club members to reflect on the previous twelve months. Chair and General Secretary Nick Senechal hosted the meeting and was amongst a number of club members to report on progress and to pose some ideas and challenges for the future.

In a year which has seen unparalled success for British cyclists at the Olympics and in the Grand Tours and pro-circuit, the Nomads also reflected on their own acheivements. From time trial and sportives and from Go Ride coaching to an increase in leisure riders engaging with the club, a positive spirit was in the air.

During proceedings James Gomm (Time Trial Sec), Andrew Stevenson (Treasurer), Keith Rapley (Social and Touring Sec) further emphasised Senechal's "feel good" optimism. As part of the future planning for the club a Special General Meeting has been proposed for March 2013 so as to refine and evolve the way the club is run and to discuss how the governance structure can be adapted to map to the increasing demands on the club as part of the work to achieve British Cycling "GO RIDE" status.

In terms of this year's committee was concerned, Neil JJ Fraser was commended for his efforts as Club Captain over the last few seasons. A vote of thanks was recorded. Simon Doyle was elected as Captain for 2013. Keith Rapley, having spent four years as Social and Touring Sec will be taking a step back and Nick Hickman will be sharing the portfolio with Keith in 2013. The remainder of posts remain broadly unchanged although the position of General Secretary and of Treasurer will be up for re-election under the auspices of the mooted SGM.

Key messages from the meeting:
- membership is up
- racing participation is increasing, particularly in open and interclub time trials
- coaching is now a club benefit and is an active part of our outreach work
- the social calendar is full and vibrant
- the club funds are stable and have positive reserves and scope for investment
- the club's social media and communications approach is greatly improved and popular
- 2012 was a great platform to build upon and will be a spring-board for more success in 2013

The Club's successes will be celebrated further at the annual prize giving lunch on the 16th December 2012, Three Horseshoes, Willian. Contact Keith Rapley for information.