Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2012 Annual General Meeting

As the Nomads begin to draw a close on their 81st year, the annual general meeting brought the opportunity for club members to reflect on the previous twelve months. Chair and General Secretary Nick Senechal hosted the meeting and was amongst a number of club members to report on progress and to pose some ideas and challenges for the future.

In a year which has seen unparalled success for British cyclists at the Olympics and in the Grand Tours and pro-circuit, the Nomads also reflected on their own acheivements. From time trial and sportives and from Go Ride coaching to an increase in leisure riders engaging with the club, a positive spirit was in the air.

During proceedings James Gomm (Time Trial Sec), Andrew Stevenson (Treasurer), Keith Rapley (Social and Touring Sec) further emphasised Senechal's "feel good" optimism. As part of the future planning for the club a Special General Meeting has been proposed for March 2013 so as to refine and evolve the way the club is run and to discuss how the governance structure can be adapted to map to the increasing demands on the club as part of the work to achieve British Cycling "GO RIDE" status.

In terms of this year's committee was concerned, Neil JJ Fraser was commended for his efforts as Club Captain over the last few seasons. A vote of thanks was recorded. Simon Doyle was elected as Captain for 2013. Keith Rapley, having spent four years as Social and Touring Sec will be taking a step back and Nick Hickman will be sharing the portfolio with Keith in 2013. The remainder of posts remain broadly unchanged although the position of General Secretary and of Treasurer will be up for re-election under the auspices of the mooted SGM.

Key messages from the meeting:
- membership is up
- racing participation is increasing, particularly in open and interclub time trials
- coaching is now a club benefit and is an active part of our outreach work
- the social calendar is full and vibrant
- the club funds are stable and have positive reserves and scope for investment
- the club's social media and communications approach is greatly improved and popular
- 2012 was a great platform to build upon and will be a spring-board for more success in 2013

The Club's successes will be celebrated further at the annual prize giving lunch on the 16th December 2012, Three Horseshoes, Willian. Contact Keith Rapley for information.