Saturday, 1 September 2012

Race report - Bossard Wheelers' Open 10 - 01/09/2012

Four Nomads competed in the Bossard Wheelers' promoted open 10 mile time trial on the Brogborough course south of Bedford. The conditions were taxing for all riders, with a stiff south-westerly wind making things tough on the return section of the course.

Simon Doyle was the fastest Nomad on the day, shaving five seconds off his course best for the season. His 23.26 was buoyed by a rapid first five miles, hitting the turn at 5.5 miles in around ten minutes. James Spence nicked second place in the pecking order by clocking a second per mile quicker over James Gomm. Clive Collins had to go in to "Magpie Mode" to borrow a wheel following a series of pre-start punctures. Collins' 26.46 was a great time for the distance and indicates a late season flourish may be on the cards. The event was won by David McGaw of Cambridge CC with a time of 21.11.

Simon Doyle, 23.26
James Spence, 25.20
James Gomm, 25.31
Clive Collins, 26.46