Monday, 16 July 2012

Interclub 25 mile time trial 15 July 2012

Hitchin Nomads were out in force on Sunday 15 July 2012 in the latest round of the regional Interclub series of time trials. Featuring riders from Bedfordshire Road CC, CC Ashwell, Icknield RC and the Nomads, this round of the 2012 competition saw riders compete on two laps of a 12.5 mile circuit in the rural roads around Guilden Morden and Wrestlingworth.

Conditions were favourable on the outbound leg as a westerly wind gave competitors a boost in the first five miles. Riders reported heavy going on the return aspects of the course as the wind proved to be tough to negotiate. The Nomads placed two riders in the top five but were outgunned in the middle order by riders from BRCC and CCA. The Nomads total points tally was much improved on recent series results showing an improvement in the depth and quality of this year's time trialling squad. The series will be decided in the final event which is a hill climb based on the ascent of the taxing Sharpenhoe hill.

Images of various Nomads and riders at the event were captured by Sue Clifford-Smith. 

Tim Fisher was also out on the course taking pictures of riders as they turned for the s/f line. Please give Tim's work a look and support him by ordering or downloading your favourite snaps from his site

Mark Collins

Simon Doyle at the start of the event

Ryan Witchell

Riders prepare for their starts at the beginning of the race

Clive Collins

Andy Herbert was lead Nomad, being one of only two riders to go under the magical hour mark. Herbert posted 59.18 for second place. Simon Doyle turned in a 60.56 to take fifth spot in what was a rare outing at the distance and despite snapping a pedal to pieces at the start. James Spence and James Gomm recorded improvements for the course and distance with Andy Saunders posting a "long 4" for thirteenth position.

1 Nigel Hale CCA 58:05
2 Andy Herbert HNCC 59:18
3 Simon Norman BRCC 60:01
4 Jason Stuart CCA 60:17
5 Simon Doyle HNCC 60:56
6 Jon Friend BRCC 61:21
7 Gavin Roberts BRCC 61:33
8 Mark Horton CCA 61:52
9 Mark Anstee BRCC 61:58
10 Carmelo Luggeri CCA 62:05
11 Graham Laming BRCC 62:33
12 Tom Sykes BRCC 63:48
13 Andy Saunders HNCC 64:28
14 Jeremy Ross CCA 64:35
15 Steve James BRCC 64:47
16 Richard Law CCA 65:07
17 James Gomm HNCC 66:16
18 Tim Skelding CCA 66:22
19 Michael Webb HNCC 67:21
20 Jon Sunderland CCA 67:25
21 Nick Porter BRCC 67:26
22 Tim Overfield CCA 67:28
23 Ryan Witchell HNCC 68:13
24 Richard Pratt IRC 68:17
25 Nick Senechal HNCC 68:43
26 Phil Keen CCA 69:11
27 James Spence HNCC 69:15
28 Nigel Tooke HNCC 70:09
29 Tony Strapp CCA 70:12
30 Andy Branch BRCC 70:25
31 James Davis CCA 71:25
32 Joshua Roberts BRCC 71:46
33 Isaac Anstee BRCC 72:08
34 Clive Collins HNCC 72:24
35 Jon Traynor HNCC 72:33
36 Darren Carter CCA 72:54
37 Geoff Russell CCA 73:39
38 Nigel Wilson HNCC 73:44
39 Andrew Hartley CCA 74:03
40 Mark Collins HNCC 74:18
41 Andrew Robertson CCA 76:18
=42 Sam James BRCC 77:32
=42 Tony Baines IRC 77:32
44 Des Roberts BRCC 78:01
45 Phil Bierton BRCC 79:37
46 Emma Koppe CCA 79:55
47 Jane Wilson CCA 81:11
48 Terry Sykes BRCC 83:32
49 Carolyn Gilks Stokes CCA 85:55
50 Emma Weisblatt BRCC 87:01
51 Maurice Burton IRC 93:52

Points for the event
BRCC332 CCA325 HNCC285 IRC39