Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn Series Round 4 - Report 15 Sept 2013

The final event in the 2013 Autumn Series saw seven hardy souls compete on the testing Whitwell based circuit. A brisk north-westerly wind made for some interesting battles as riders attempted to improve on previous weeks' times. The ride of the day went to Tom Bishop with a sub-23 minute ride. Gavin Ashfield was fastesrt Nomad again.

Time Keeping and pushing off was performed by Frank Turner and Rapha Riley. Simon Doyle marshalled the junction and then provide frippery and insults apres-TT, mostly at the expense of Mike Webb. Webb managed to tear himself away from e-Bay for the duration of a very robust ride. George Osborne has been using Webb to see if cyclists can help spend Britain out of recession. Trading in Specialized shares is expected to be brisk when the markets open on Monday.

Post-ride analysis which included an  "Audience with Frank Turner" at Emily's Tea Room, included discourse on the workings of fire engines, how dynamite can be used for fishing and various theories on why the wasps near tea shops never die, even when the weather becomes inclement.

The Nomads - informative, educartional and entertaining. We should be getting some of the BBC's licence fee....

G Ashfield 23.29, M Webb 25.00, J McPherson 26.19, M Collins 27.10, D Summerell 29.08, S Austin 30.09

PTT T Bishop 22.59