Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17/04/2012 Briercliffe 10 Results

Ben Wilson's alternative cycling footwear
This week's TT saw windy conditions just for a change, however last week's rampaging mutt was nowhere to be seen, presumably outfoxed by the later start time.

Ride of the week goes to Ben Wilson who had forgotten that he had changed the pedals on his bike, so ended up having to ride in trainers on SPDs. Some would say that riding a 24:37 around our course in trainers was a sign of brilliance, others might say that it is just showing off, so Ben will be forced to ride in flip-flops next week to give the rest of us a chance!

Andrew HerbertHNCC23:31
Graham Laming BRCC24:31
Ben WilsonHNCC24:37
Ryan Witchell HNCC25:20
James Gomm HNCC25:54
Peter GellBRCC26:28
Nick HickmanHNCC30:00
Paul RileyHNCC30:27
Mark YoungHNCC32:06

Tonight's timekeeping/pushing off team were Clive Collins, Geoff Perry, Frank Turner, and Nigel Wilson. Thanks chaps, much appreciated.

BRCC = Beds Roads CC