Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nomads News and Events - May 2012

The latest club round up and review is now available to download from here. Thanks to Paul's Bikes for the hosting support. A summary of events is listed below.

Sunday Club Runs (all start at 0900h from Hitchin Market Square)
6 May: Hare Street, Tortoise or Teas Rooms

13 May: Royston Sports Centre

20 May: Danish Camp

27 May: Barton, Burwash Barns

Club Time Trial dates
First rider off 1900h near Southill except for the Interclub 30 which is on a Saturday morning (first rider 0800h). Contact Neil JJ Fraset re. Interclub events.

01 May: Briercliffe 10 1U/10
08 May: Briercliffe 10 1U/10
15 May: Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25 incorporating the Medium Gear 72”
19 May: Interclub 30 (HNCC) 1U/30
22 May: Briercliffe 10 1U/10
29 May: Briercliffe 10 1U/10

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

24/04/2012 - Briercliffe 10 Results

A sunny but cool evening with a light breeze against the riders on the long straight to GM Growers, saw conditions that many of the 15 riders felt were less favourable than last week. However, a number of riders showed improvements in their times, in particular Mark Young who took more than a minute off last week’s time.

Andy Herbert was once again quickest round the course in a super-impressive 23:34. In defiance of a ruling from TT secretary (James Gomm) that Ben should wear flip-flops, Ben Wilson reverted to cycling shoes this week and went sub-24 on Briercliffe for the first time. He did warm-up in desert wellies though.
More suitable for the Tour of Qatar surely?

Timekeeping/pushing off was carried out with aplomb by Clive Collins, Geoff Perry, Frank Turner, and James Spence. Many thanks to all. All riders HNCC unless stated otherwise .

Andrew Herbert23:34
Ben Wilson (J)23:55
Graham LamingBRCC24:53
Andy Saunders25:10
Ryan Witchell (J)25:12
Peter GellBRCC26:40
Rob CunninghamBRCC26:41
Rupert GatesBRCC27:03
Bob WrightBRCC27:38
Jaoude IzzoBRCC28:10
Alistair ScottLuton28:33
Dan ByersBRCC29:05
Jon Traynor29:22
Charlie Pugh(J)HNCC29:52
Mark YoungHNCC30:44

Friday, 20 April 2012

Interclub 10 start sheet 21/04/2012

The start sheet from the IRCC has just been circulated via BRCC FORUM. Good luck to all Nomads riding in the event.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17/04/2012 Briercliffe 10 Results

Ben Wilson's alternative cycling footwear
This week's TT saw windy conditions just for a change, however last week's rampaging mutt was nowhere to be seen, presumably outfoxed by the later start time.

Ride of the week goes to Ben Wilson who had forgotten that he had changed the pedals on his bike, so ended up having to ride in trainers on SPDs. Some would say that riding a 24:37 around our course in trainers was a sign of brilliance, others might say that it is just showing off, so Ben will be forced to ride in flip-flops next week to give the rest of us a chance!

Andrew HerbertHNCC23:31
Graham Laming BRCC24:31
Ben WilsonHNCC24:37
Ryan Witchell HNCC25:20
James Gomm HNCC25:54
Peter GellBRCC26:28
Nick HickmanHNCC30:00
Paul RileyHNCC30:27
Mark YoungHNCC32:06

Tonight's timekeeping/pushing off team were Clive Collins, Geoff Perry, Frank Turner, and Nigel Wilson. Thanks chaps, much appreciated.

BRCC = Beds Roads CC

Friday, 13 April 2012

Briercliffe Evening 10 - 17/04/2012

There is a possibility that the forthcoming evening 10 will be affected by roadworks near Ireland. If we obtain additional information we will post it here. Alternatively you may want to check on and search for Shefford Road, Central Bedfordshire.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10/04/2012 Briercliffe 10 Results

Round two of the evening series saw some very quick times for early April on this course in warm (ish) but windy conditions. Everybody who rode last week improved on their previous week's time. Well done to Nick Hickman for getting under evens on drop bars (for the first time).

Andrew HerbertHNCC24:09
Ben WilsonHNCC24:17
David RobinsonCCA24:52
Simon DoyleHNCC25:08
Graham LamingBRCC25:15
Ryan WitchellHNCC25:17
Andy SaundersHNCC25:34
James GommHNCC26:10
Peter GellBRCC27:29
Jaouade IzzoBRCC28:09
Bob WrightBRCC28:13
Darren CarterCCA28:14
David LedgertonTSE28:44
Nick HickmanHNCC29:52
Richard SerradinhoHNCC31:13

Also thanks go to Frank Turner, Clive Collins and Janice Wilson for timekeeping/ pushing off in what proved to be more pleasant conditions than last week.

A loose dog on the course didn't help matters. Keep your eyes peeled for errant terriers near the top of the Growers on the way in to Old Warden.

CCA = CC Ashwell
TSE = Team
BRCC = Beds Roads CC

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter time trial results 2012

Several Nomads were in action in open time trials over the Easter weekend.

Welwyn Hilly, 26** mile sporting, 06/04/2012

Good Friday saw the traditional Welwyn Hilly sporting time trial run over 26 miles around Codicote, Hitchin, Offley and Kimpton. Clive Collins sporting the Nomads blue and gold posted 1.16.27.

**There are conflicting reports as to the exact distance of the course - needless to say it's tough no matter how long it is...

Clive Collins rides the Welwyn Wheelers' Good Friday classic.
Neil JJ Fraser and Ben Wilson  posted 1.06.57 and 1.10.47 respectively.

The event was won by Wouter Sybrandy of Team IG Sigma Sport with a strong time of 56.23, averaging just over 26mph for the demanding route. Full results from

Team open 10, 07/04/2012

Five Nomads ventured to the F15/10 course near Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire to compete in the Team open 10. This was Steve Robinson's team's inaugural open event although many familiar faces, former Nomads and friends were at hand. Frank Turner who was Start Timekeeper also provide a critque of several rider's bikes (i.e. steel is good,  anything else is less so).

With expectations high, given the potential for the course to provide the foundation for a fast time, the Nomads team had to battle the cold and stiff northerly headwind on the 5.5 miles out to the turn.

Andy Herbert turned in one of the fastest Nomads' times for some period with a supreme 22.36, claiming 11th spot in the 92 rider field. Simon Doyle in his first open time trial since 2004 posted a robust 23.31.

The conditions seemed to have favoured the heavier riders who could push the bigger gears but this did not deter the hill specialists - Neil JJ Fraser from recording an impressive 24.04 and James Gomm marking a new PB for the distance with 25.23. Clive Collins despite being hampered by traffic on his ride posted 27.55.

Jason Gurney of won the event with a time of 21.12. Full results from

The same course will be used in the Interclub 10 later in April. Initial feedback from the riders that it was one of the best events in terms of safety, marshalling and all round potential to record a personal or season's best.

The event also raised £350 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

03/04/2012 Briercliffe 10 Results

The first evening 10 of the season saw wet and windy conditions, but 9 hardy souls still ventured out for an early season leg stretcher.

David Robinson CCA 25:08
Simon Doyle HNCC 25:37
Graham Laming BRCC 26:01
James Gomm HNCC 26:45
Michael Webb HNCC 28:04
Jaouade Izzo BRCC 28:24
Nick Hickman HNCC 30:23
Richard Serradinho HNCC 32:39
Richard Marlow HNCC 33:33

Also thanks go to Frank Turner and Nigel Wilson for timekeeping in the rain and Clive Collins for pushing off.